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Machines on Genes IV. 80th Harden Conference

Start Date 31st Jul 2016
End Date 5th Aug 2016

Mechanisms of Actions of Large Macromolecular Machines on Genes Across Biological Scales

The 2016 mog meeting brings together a highly interdisciplinary group of scientists with the common goal of dissecting the operating principles of large macromolecular machines acting on nucleic acids, using structural and functional approaches across all biological length and time scales. The meeting showcases recent advance in the field, with an emphasis on mechanistic insights using a diverse range of approaches. This meeting brings together scientists from different disciplines, and we expect a strong synergy between the participants from different continents. The 2016 mog meeting will thus facilitate interactions to inspire new science and innovations in the area of nucleic-acid biology.

Location Macclesfield, Cheshire
United Kingdom
URL https://www.biochemistry.org/Events/tabid/379/Page/2/MeetingNo/80HDN/view/Conference/Default.aspx

Category Conferences
Topics Biological macromolecules | General