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Neutrons and Food 5

Start Date 16th Oct 2018
End Date 19th Oct 2018

The meeting will be held in the heart of Darling Harbour which forms part of  our larger Sydney Harbour, recognised as one of the world's most beautiful  waterways. Darling Harbour is Sydney's most exciting entertainment precinct  and only moments from the heart of Sydney's city centre. It offers multiple  accommodation, entertainment and transport options including fine restaurants,  museums, a retail marketplace and outdoor entertainment venues.

With neutron scattering remaining at its core, we also wish to extend and showcase nuclear-based techniques more broadly and how they are increasingly being employed. Such examples include neutron activation analysis and isotopic fingerprinting techniques for authenticity and traceability to combat food fraud. It is recognised that neutron methods are often applied in concert with other complementary measurement methods, including X-ray and light scattering, and such contributions where food materials are the focus are warmly invited.

The conference welcomes participants and contributions from the wide community of food science and product development, food packaging, and nutrition, as well as exponents of nuclear-based methods including scattering. In particular we intend to have a mixture of talks from food scientists and technologists with problems where scattering methods may be applicable, as well as talks from those already using scattering and other nuclear-based methods. We also anticipate the opportunity for one-on-one discussions to provide advice on specific problems as well as pre-conference presentations on what some of the techniques have to offer the food science community

Location Sydney
Contact Elliot Gilbert
URL http://www.ansto.gov.au/Events/Neutronsandfoodconference2018/index.htm

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Topics Neutron scattering