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Protein Structure, Dynamics and Function

Start Date 29th Apr 2016
End Date 1st May 2016

Sailing the Protein Seas in the Ocean State

'Sailing the Protein Seas in the Ocean State' will discuss projects that require the integration of multiple structural, biophysical and cellular techniques to fully elucidate the molecular mechanisms that underlie biological function. This includes also dynamic aspects of protein function.

This will be a small meeting, allowing for effective communication and discussion of research and possibilities. While the meeting is anchored by a few prominent, outstanding investigators who have agreed to attend and give a keynote,  most speakers will be chosen from the attendees, with particular emphasis on providing speaker opportunities to early-career participants (assistant professors, postdocs and students). There will also be a poster session.

Confirmed Speakers (alphabetical order):

  • Prof. Dr. Tania Baker, HHMI; MIT
  • Prof. Dr. Marius Clore; NIH
  • Prof. Dr. Jane Dyson; The Scripps Research Institute
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Wright; The Scripps Research Institute
Location ​​Providence, RI
United States
URL http://www.brown.edu/conference/sailing-the-protein-seas/

Category Conferences
Topics Biological macromolecules | General