Event Name

QMOL. Operating Quantum States in Atoms and Molecules at Surfaces

Start Date 10th Sep 2017
End Date 14th Sep 2017

Key Topics and Focus of the Conference

The key topics shall be

  • the physical and chemical control of spin-architectures at surfaces and interfaces,
  • the experimental investigation of spin properties e.g. via local probe and spatially averaging experiments (X-ray magnetic circular dichroism, spin polarized photoemission techniques, spin-resolved scanning tunneling spectroscopy/ microscopy)
  • the ab-initio calculation of the spintronic behavior at real and model interfaces, and
  • the characterization of exploratory spintronic devices on the basis of single or few atoms or molecules.
Location Ascona
Contact Thomas Jung
URL http://www.qmol.ch/

Category Conferences
Topics Solid-state physics | Surface studies