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New Quantum Materials of Novel Properties at Extended Pressures

Start Date 19th Aug 2014
End Date 21st Aug 2014
Description The Workshop of “New Materials of Novel Properties at Extended Pressures & Forum to Celebrate International Cystallography Year” is at the auspices of IUCr to celebrate the 100 years anniversary initiated by the General Assembly of the United Nations (IYCr) since Max von Laue received the Nobel Prize for his discovery on X-ray diffraction by crystals. The Workshop is proposed through the IUCr Commission on Crystallography of Materials with the support of Commission on High Pressure. The workshop is supported by China Center of Advanced Science and Technology (CCAST). According to IUCr policy, young scientists with maximum age 30 (exception 35) are encouraged to attend the workshop. We have limited financial support to cover the local expenses for those young participants. The Workshop will aim at views exchange on the update progress on new materials, the correlation of properties with crystal structures, new synthesis & characterizations methods of crystal materials, to foster interdisciplinary discussions and international scientific collaboration.
Location Beijing
URL http://uhp.iphy.ac.cn/IUCrCM_2014/index.htm

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | Conferences
Topics Applied crystallography