Event Name

RSC Chemical Nanosciences and Nanotechnology Network Meeting

Start Date 26th Jan 2017
End Date 27th Jan 2017
Description The scope of this event includes:
•    The fabrication and utilisation of:  
o    novel nanostructured materials. 
o    novel nanoparticle materials including metal, oxide and other inorganic systems.     
o    carbon and inorganic nanotubes and fullerenes and their utilisation in technological processes.   
o    novel nanostructures using bottom-up self-assembly processes.     
o    novel nanostructured surfaces,   
o    novel quantum dots in technological processes.   
o    novel biologically relevant nanostructures.    
•    The development of top-down lithographic processes and materials to fabricate nanostructured surfaces.    
•    The integration of bottom-up self-assembly processes with top-down lithographic processes to create three dimensional functioning and adaptive nanostructures.   
•    Investigation of the property-size relationship at the nanoscale.   
•    Health, safety and environmental implications of chemical nanoscience and nanotechnology. 
Location Keele
United Kingdom
Contact Clare Hoskins
URL http://www.rsc.org/events/detail/23918/rsc-chemical-nanosciences-and-nanotechnology-network-meeting

Category Conferences
Topics Materials