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SCTE 2014 – 19th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements

Start Date 21st Jun 2014
End Date 26th Jun 2014

The SCTE 2014 Conference started back in 1965 and, following a long tradition, has always been a forum where new ideas and discoveries related to the solid state chemistry and solid state physics of d- and f-  element compounds are presented and discussed.

The conference will deal with the structure, crystal chemistry, chemical bonding and magnetic and electronic transport properties of different classes of intermetallic compounds. Hydrides, borides, carbides, silicides and homologues, pnictides, as well as chalcogenides, oxides and halides (especially those of low oxidation state exhibiting metal or semimetal properties) will also be covered.

Fundamental and applied research in the areas of solid state chemistry, physics and materials science of compounds containing d- and f- elements will be admitted.

Main topics addressed include:

  • processes and syntheses;
  • crystal chemistry;
  • phase equilibria;
  • thermodynamics;
  • magnetic and electrical properties;
  • theory, electronic structure, chemical bonding;
  • applications.
The program of the 19th edition will consist of Invited Plenary sessions and Keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations
Location Genova
Contact Marcella Pani
URL http://www.scte2014.it/

Category Conferences
Topics Chemical crystallography | General