Event Name

SICC8. 8th Singapore International Chemistry Conference 2014.

Start Date 14th Dec 2014
End Date 17th Dec 2014

SICC is a biennial conference dedicated to promoting advances in chemistry. This conference focuses on molecular synthesis and catalysis and aims to serve as a platform for the discussion on current and new scientific developments in chemical sciences related to the broad themes listed below. This year, we will also organize special sessions to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography 2014 (IYCr2014, www.iycr2014.org).

Organic chemistry

  • asymmetric synthesis and catalysis, total synthesis, synthetic methodology

Inorganic chemistry

  • synthesis, bioinorganic chemistry, methodology and catalysis

Supramolecular chemistry

  • organic materials, functional and advanced materials, nanostructured materials

Bioorganic chemistry

  • medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry

Green chemistry

  • sustainable materials, green catalysis


Location University Town Campus
Contact SICC-8 Secretariat
URL www.sicc8.org/

Category Conferences
Topics General