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Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy. Gordon Research Conference

Start Date 21st Jun 2015
End Date 26th Jun 2015

Breaking Barriers to Go Beyond Structure: Describing Functional States and Biological Context

Preliminary Program

  • Biological Cutting Edge Methodologies Across Scales
    (Eva Nogales / David Baker / Xiaowei Zhuang)
  • Image Analysis and Validation Strategies for Heterogeneous Samples
    (Helen Saibil / Nikolaus Grigorieff / John Rubinstein)
  • Structure in the Cellular Context
    (Wolfgang Baumeister / Elizabeth Villa / Daniela Nicastro)
  • Interpretation and Validation of Low-Medium Resolution Cryo-EM Structures
    (Hong-Wei Wang / Gabriel Lander / Carolyn Moores)
  • Selected Poster Presentations: Recent Advances in Cryo-EM Technical Development
    (Edward Egelman)
  • Strategies for Atomic Modeling of High-Resolution Cryo-EM Structures
    (Steve Harrison / Paul Adams / Axel Brunger / Frank Dimaio / Simon Jennings / Alan Brown)
  • Improving Sample Preparation
    (Holger Stark / Bridget Carragher / Robert Glaeser / Lori Passmore)
  • Development and Use of Correlative Methodologies
    (Grant Jensen / Kay Gruenewald)
  • Selected Poster Presentations: Recent Advances in the Application of Cryo-EM Methodology
    (Yifan Cheng)
Location New London, NH
United States
URL http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=10864

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Topics Biological macromolecules | General | Microscopy