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VUVX2016. 39th International conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-ray Physics

Start Date 3rd Jul 2016
End Date 8th Jul 2016

VUVX2016 is the third conference following a merger of two long standing conference series – the International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics (last meeting was the 15th in that series, VUV-15 in Berlin, Germany in July 2007) and the International Conference on X-ray and Inner-shell Processes (last meeting was the 21st in that series, X-08 held in Paris in June 2008). 

This international conference will bring together scientists from all over the world, working in fields involving electromagnetic radiation in the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV), soft X-ray and hard X-ray spectral regions generated by synchrotron, laser, or plasma based sources. Topics to be covered range from instrumentation and methods development to applications in a variety of fields.


  • New Sources: diffraction limited storage rings, free electron lasers, ultrashort pulse XUV lasers and X-ray tabletop sources
  • Resonant elastic and inelastic X-ray scattering
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy incl. linear, circular and magnetic dichroism spectroscopy
  • Photoemission (angle/spin/time resolved, soft X-ray, hard X-ray, resonant, etc.)
  • Imaging with nanoscale resolution: X-ray microscopy, coherent diffraction imaging, scanning small-angle X-ray scattering etc.
  • Coincidence spectroscopy
  • Theory of X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction
  • Advanced data analysis methods
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy
  • In situ and operando applications
Applications of the above to: atoms, molecules, ions, liquids, surfaces/interfaces, nanostructures, clusters and nanoparticles, catalysts, environmentally relevant problems, novel and complex materials, strongly correlated and magnetic materials, biological systems and industrial analytical problems
Location Zurich
URL http://www.psi.ch/vuvx2016

Category Conferences
Topics Free-electron laser | Nanomaterials | Small-angle scattering | Solid-state physics | Surface studies | Synchrotron radiation | X-ray spectroscopy