Event Name

Fourth National Crystal Chemical Conference

Start Date 26th Jun 2006
End Date 30th Jun 2006

You are heartily invited to take part in the Fourth National Crystal Chemical Conference held by the Crystal Chemical Section of the Scientific Council on Chemical Structure and Reactivity of RAS on June 26-30, 2006. 

The present state, problems and prospects of crystal chemistry development will be discussed at the Conference. 

The Conference will be held in the year of the fiftieth anniversary of the Scientific Center in Chernogolovka (SCC), RAS, and it will take place at the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics in SCC. 

Scientists from Russia and other countries are invited to participate in the Conference. 

Conference languages are Russian and English. 

Conference Topics:
  1. Organic crystal chemistry
  2. Crystal chemistry of coordination and organometallic compounds
  3. Inorganic crystal chemistry
  4. Crystal chemical aspect in materials science. Relation between structure and properties
  5. Chemical bond in crystals
  6. Structural aspects of reactions in crystals
  7. Dynamic crystal chemistry
  8. Structural investigations by means of synchrotron and neutron irradiations and electron diffraction
  9. Modern features of powder diffraction
  10. Modern problems of education in the field of crystal chemistry
  11. New experimental methods in crystal chemistry
Plenary lectures, oral and poster communications will be presented at the Conference. Selection of reports will be based upon a review of the abstracts that should not exceed one page of typewritten text. 

Location Chernogolovka
Russian Federation
URL http://margot.icp.ac.ru/conferences/new/NCCC2006/index_eng.html

Category IUCr sponsored meetings
Topics Chemical crystallography