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Contemporary Crystallography in Croatia

Start Date 30th Sep 2014
End Date 30th Sep 2014

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Department of Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences
Croatian Crystallographic Association Scientific Meeting

Celebrating the International Year of Crystallography 2014



Biserka Kojić Prodić, X-ray crystallography – interdisciplinary science – a challenge for the future

Stanko Popović, Antun Tonejc, Contemporary diffraction methods in study of polycrystals

Željko Skoko, Jasminka Popović, Stanko Popović, X-ray diffraction line broadening analysis - how to determine microstructure

Mira Ristić, Svetozar Musić, Stanko Popović, Mark Žic, Marijan  Marcius, Željka Petrović, Metal oxides – synthesis and microstructure

Goran Štefanić, Structural and chemical  changes caused by contamination during the high-energy milling

Dražen Balen, Zircon typology – application in geological investigations

Vladimir Bermanec, Vladimir Zebec, Željka Žigovečki Gobac i Snježana Mikulčić Pavlaković, Importance of crystal morphology investigations

Anđelka M. Tonejc, Davorin Medaković, Stanko Popović, Andrej Jaklin, Mirjana Bijelić, Ivana Lončarek, Structural studies of biomineralization in the sea hare Aplysia punctata by electron microscopy and diffraction

Ognjen Milat, Four-dimensional crystallography; a case study of modulated (M)xCuO2 composite crystal structure 

Ernest Meštrović, Crystallography in the research and control of active pharmaceutical ingredients

Goran Mikleušević, Zoran Štefanić, Marija Luić, Insights into the catalytic mechanism of E. coli purine nucleoside  phosphorylase by X-ray crystallography

Biserka Prugovečki, Dubravka Matković-Čalogović, Structural characterization of insulin derivatives

Sanja Tomić, Alan Tus, Alen Rakipović, Goran Peretin, Mile Šikić, BioMe: web-based platform for analysis of the metal-binding sites in the experimentally determined biomacromolecular 3D structures

Mario Cetina, Ante Nagl, Vedran Krištafor, Krešimir Benci, Karlo Wittine, Mladen Mintas, Supramolecular assembling of nucleoside analogues

Krešimir Molčanov, Crystal engineering in design of functional π-electronic systems  based in quinoid compounds

Aleksandar Višnjevac, Single crystal X-ray diffraction in investigation of biomimetic models of mononuclear metalloezyme active sites

Marijana Đaković, Zora Popović, Structural studies of  halogen bonds in Cu(II) i Ag(I) complexes

Boris Marko Kukovec, Marijana Đaković, Neven Smrečki-Lolić, Zora Popović, Nickel(II) and palladium(II) complexes with derivatives of iminodiacetic acid – preparation, crystal structures and catalytic properties

Gordana Pavlović, Marina Cindrić, Magnetic properties of tetranuclear nickel(II) complexes by supramolecular design

Mirta Rubčić, Ivan Halasz, Gordana Pavlović, Damir Pajić, Marina Cindrić, Imino derivatives of carbohydrazide and their coordination compounds

Vladimir Stilinović, Branko Kaitner, Influence of molecular dipole moment on the symmetry of molecular crystals

Ivica Đilović, Krunoslav Užarević, Dubravka Matković-Čalogović, Marina Cindrić, Molecular recognition – the role of anionic templates in the chemistry of flexible receptors



Location Zagreb
Contact Stanko Popovic
URL http://www.hazu.hr/kristalografi/suvremena.htm

Category National crystallographic association meetings
Topics General