Event Name

VI-th National Crystallographic Symposium (NCS2016)

Start Date 5th Oct 2016
End Date 7th Oct 2016

We are happy to announce VI-th National Crystallographic Symposium (NCS2016) that will be held on October  05-07, 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria.

As you may have already recognized this is will be the sixth "NCS" of the series started in 2009.

We have already started the preparation of the next issue of the conference (submitted manuscripts will be  published in the  journal  “Bulgarian  Chemical  Communications”, a special issues due April  2017).NCS16 papers will also be online available in full text via the present platform.  You are warmly invited to come and join us!

NCS2016 is held under the auspices of BCS and is the major event on Crystallography, crystal growth, structure analyses and related techniques in Bulgaria. The Symposium aims at the applications of different crystallographic techniques in combination with other methods in the fields of materials sciences, mineralogy, biology, environmental engineering, computational methods etc. Bringing together researchers from different areas NCS16 will provide them with a high-qualified platform for them to share their latest studies and to assist further findings and collaboration.

With passionate participants from the world, NCS2016   would be perfect for you to present your research and find collaboration for your future work.

Location Sofia
Contact Boris Shivachev
URL http://www.bgcryst.com/symp16

Category National crystallographic association meetings | Conferences | Symposia
Topics Applied crystallography | Biological macromolecules | Characterisation of materials | Chemical crystallography | Computing | Cryo electron microscopy | Crystal engineering | Crystal growth | Crystal physics | Data analysis | Electron crystallography | General | High pressure | Magnetism | Materials | Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography | Microscopy | Mineralogy | Nanomaterials | Neutron scattering | NMR crystallography | Polymorphism | Powder diffraction | Small-angle scattering | Solid-state chemistry | Solid-state physics | Structural chemistry | Surface studies | Synchrotron radiation | X-ray fluorescence | X-ray optics and imaging | X-ray spectroscopy