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VII Mexican National Congress of Crystallography

Start Date 4th May 2014
End Date 9th May 2014

Crystallography today presents tremendous development and is opening new possibilities in scientific research and technological innovation. It is a very diverse field and fundamentally interdisciplinary. It concerns any method to study how that manifests the crystalline arrangement of condensed matter at the atomic level, from theoretical calculations electron density to atomic force microscopy. 

The Mexican Society of Crystallography has proposed to offer in its seventh National Congress, a number of Plenary Lectures illustrating the above. In particular, we have prepared seven courses and four workshops that cover topics of interest such as X-ray scattering at low angle, electron density, nanostructures, nanodifracción, atomic force microscopy, crystal chemistry, solid-state chemistry of metal oxides including traditional courses Introduction to Crystallography Crystallography and crystals.

For this seventh edition of the Congress, has been chosen to host the city of Villahermosa, capital of Tabasco, whose temperature in May ranges from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius.

The Organizing Committee wishes you a very successful participation in this event waiting foster collaboration between different academic institutions of the country and foreign speakers will visit us. 

Mexican Society of Crystallography
Location Villahermosa, Tabasco
URL http://www.smcr.fisica.unam.mx/5eventos/pasados/2014/7_congreso%20-Ingles/marco.htm

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