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2016 Croucher Summer Course on Neutron Scattering

Start Date 7th Aug 2016
End Date 13th Aug 2016

Applications are invited from graduate students and early career scientists who wish to learn about the theory and applications of neutron scattering in materials research.

This year’s course will empathise on inelastic neutron scattering to study the dynamics, and nanostructure determination by small angle neutron scattering and neutron reflectometry.

Data analysis will be a focus of the summer course, and tutors will be arranged to guide the students in learning, in addition to the lecturers.

Location Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Contact WANG Xun-Li
URL https://projects.croucher.org.hk/summer-courses/neutron-scattering-a-powerful-method-for-materials-research-1

Category Schools
Topics Neutron scattering