Event Name

2017 St Andrews CCP4 Protein Crystallography Summer School

Start Date 20th Aug 2017
End Date 26th Aug 2017

St Andrews PX Summer School

The University of St Andrews will be hosting a protein crystallography summer school once again this year, which will take place 20-26 August.

The course aims to cover the theoretical and practical aspects of protein crystallography from protein expression and purification, through crystal growth to data collection on in-house and synchrotron sources, phasing methods, automated model building and phase extension, refinement, and validation. Hands-on sessions in data processing (XIA2, DIALS), molecular replacement, MAD/SAD phasing, refinement and electron density map interpretation (in COOT) will be included.

The School is intended for first/second year postgraduates or postdocs new to crystallography. The week is very intensive, and gives a concentrated overview of the methods which many find useful.

As in the past, priority is given to UK applicants because of the funding arrangements, but is open to a limited number of overseas applicants.

Location St Andrews
United Kingdom
Contact Tracey Gloster
URL https://synergy.st-andrews.ac.uk/bsrc/

Category Schools
Topics Biological macromolecules