Event Name

3rd European Crystallography School (ECS3)

Start Date 25th Sep 2016
End Date 2nd Oct 2016
Description The main objective of the ECS3 is to provide advanced training in both theoretical and practical aspects of crystallography, primarily for end-stage PhD students, postdoc and early state researchers who are already dealing with structure determination from either single crystals or powders or both. School program aims in improving fundamental knowledge which students already possess, and upgrading it regardless of the technique applied. Starting from the symmetry accessing all the way to unitization of contemporary X-ray powder diffraction and macromolecular structure determination, ESC3 will cover a very wide range of topics interesting for both single-crystal and powder community. Also, participants will get the chance to broaden their knowledge in some of advanced topics regarding particular frequently encountered problems, such as disorder or twinning. School also aims in presenting state-of-the-art application of crystallography in various fields of research starting from advanced inorganic (nano)materials, via crystal engineering and drug design, to macromolecules.
Location Bol
Contact Jasminka Popović
URL http://ecs3.ecanews.org/ECS3/HOME.html

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | Schools
Topics Biological macromolecules | Crystal engineering | General | Materials | Powder diffraction