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5th Moroccan School of Crystallography - EMC5

Start Date 23rd Oct 2013
End Date 27th Oct 2013


Faculty of Sciences, University Mohammed I Oujda-er and the Moroccan Association of Crystallography (AMC) organized the 5th Moroccan School of Crystallography from 23 to 27 October 2013.

CMA organizes every two years a school on topics related to crystallography. The 1st school was held at the Faculty of Sciences of Marrakech in 2002, 2nd Faculty of Sciences El Jadida 2004, the 3rd Faculty of Sciences in Agadir 2006, the 4th at the Faculty of Sciences of Rabat in 2008 and the 24th European Meeting of crystallography ECM24 in Marrakech 2007.

This scientific event is part of the preparations for the International Year of Crystallography 2014.

The objective of this scientific event is to bring together potential users of crystallography, academics and industry to review the latest developments in this field. In addition to the fundamental aspect of crystallography, multiple applications extend the mining industry to the pharmaceutical industry through metallurgy and nuclear. This course is intended for researchers, PhD students, teachers and researchers and engineers. It will be moderated by scientists internationally renowned personalities in the form of conferences, courses and practical work. Part will be dedicated to the demonstration of new hardware and software to the latest crystallography.
Location Oujda
URL http://www.fso.ump.ma/emc5

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