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9th COST School on Surface Analytical Techniques

Start Date 4th Apr 2016
End Date 7th Apr 2016
The COST School has been established within the COST Action D43 in 2008 and has since been organized each year in different European countries. 
The aim of the school is to bridge the gap between the knowledge of students and early stage researchers on high level surface analytical techniques is designed for motivated PhD students and Post-doc in the field of Colloid and Interface science. 
The major objective is to discuss modern surface analytical tools that increased our understanding of fluid interfaces. Selected surface analytical tools namely AFM, surface force spectroscopy, reflectometry, grazing incidence scattering and basic theories on surfaces forces and interactions are presented in tutorial review style by scientists using these techniques in their daily research. 
The information is then discussed and deepened in small workgroups on the basis of problem sheets between the attendees and the lectures.

In Regensburg lectures and workshops will be given by 

Ger Koper (TU Delft), 
Yan Lu (HZB, Berlin), 
Wuge Briscoe (University of Bristol), 
Ali Zarbakhsh (Queen Mary London),
Stephan Roth (DESY, Hamburg), 
Janina Kneipp (HU Berlin), 
Colin Bain (Durham University) and 
Hans-J├╝rgen Butt (MPI Mainz). 

About 40-50 participants from all over Europe are expected to attend the school. 
The school is highly welcomed by the students with usual more requests to attend as can be handled to keep the school and the workshops on an effective level. 

Information on previous schools can be found on the school archive webpage at http://cost2014.stfca.nl/ 
Location Regensburg
Contact Dr. Thomas Gutberlet
URL http://cost2014.stfca.nl

Category Schools
Topics Characterisation of materials | Surface studies