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Advanced School on Experimental and Bioinformatic Tools for Protein 3D-structure Determination and Analysis

Start Date 9th Nov 2015
End Date 13th Nov 2015

An Advanced School jointly organized by IUBMB/University of Havana-Cuban Section of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

The School will comprise different topics related to the experimental determination of protein three-dimensional (3D) structure as well as structural bioinformatics tools for protein function annotation, protein-protein interaction analysis and drug design. The School is oriented to postgraduates and young researchers seeking for fundamental knowledge on protein crystallisation, 3D-structure determination and related bioinformatics methods. The main goal of the School is to help participants to understand and incorporate these topics into their research and teaching activities. The course will be organised in around 20 lecturers and students will participate in round-table discussions and share their results with experts and colleagues in two poster sessions.

The application form will contain the title of the poster presentation, authors, authors’ affiliation, and an abstract not exceeding 250 words. Also a letter expressing the interest in attending the School and a recommendation letter from the supervisor will be attached.

A total number of 40 participants will be chosen by an international committee and around 10-15 fellowships covering registration fees and partial travel and/or lodging expenses will be granted. Registration fees will be 100 Euro for postgraduate students, 150 Euro for academics and 200 Euro for industry researchers.

Organisers: Carlos Alvarez, Centre for Protein Studies, Faculty of Biology, University of Havana, Cuba; Pedro A. Valiente Flores, Centre for Protein Studies, Faculty of Biology, University of Havana, Cuba; Kalet León, Centre for Molecular Inmunology, Havana, Cuba; Rossana García, Centre for Protein Studies, Faculty of Biology, University of Havana, Cuba.

Lecturers: Terese Bergfors, Howard M. Einspahr, Christian Betzel, Lars Redecke, José A. Gavira, Kalet León, Wendy González, Paulo Ricardo Batista, Peter Tieleman, Kovy Levy, Paolo Carloni, Pablo Campomanes, Garegin Papoian, Rosangela Itri.

Location Varadero
URL http://protein-2015.uh.cu/index.html

Category Schools
Topics Biological macromolecules | General