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BloemCrystSchool2 (BCS2) and Pre-Workshop

Start Date 23rd Aug 2014
End Date 29th Aug 2014
Description The University of the Free State will host the 2nd School on Fundamental Crystallography, BloemCrystSchool2 (BCS2), from 25th to 29th August 2014. In addition to this initiative, a Pre-Workshop will be held on the 23rd and 24th of August on the Introduction to Crystallography. BCS2 covers a number of basic and the mathematical aspects of crystallography. It is presented by The MathCryst Commission of the International Union of Crystallography and forms part of the celebrations of 2014, the International Year of Crystallography. Lectures for BCS2 will be presented primarily by Prof. Massimo Nespolo (Nancy, France) and Prof. Mois Aroyo (Bilbao, Spain); both internationally renowned scientists.

BloemCrystSchool2 will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to group theory
  • Crystallographic point groups
  • Stereographic projection and the morphology of crystals
  • Space groups
  • Exercises on the space group diagrams from Volume A of the International Tables
  • Fourier transforms and convolutions
  • Scattering from an electron, an atom, a unit cell, a crystal
  • Diffraction symmetry: Laue classes, Friedel's law, resonant scattering
  • General, zonal and serial reflection conditions and their use to determine the space-group type
  • Group-subgroup relations and their application to phase transitions
  • Twins and modular structures
  • Use of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server in the study of the structure and properties of crystals
Links: IUCr MathCryst Website: http://www.crystallography.fr/mathcryst/SouthAfrica2014.php

Local UFS Website: http://conferences.ufs.ac.za/default.aspx?DCode=724  

In addition to BloemCrystSchool2, a Pre-Workshop is scheduled on the 23rd and 24th of August on the Introduction to Crystallography.  The pre-workshop will cover the following topics and will be presented by lecturers from the University of Cape Town, University of Stellenbosch and the University of the Free State: 

  • Data collection and general introductory concepts of Crystallography (Afternoon: 13.00: Saturday 23 August).
  • Refinement strategies of small molecules and hands-on session (Afternoon: 15.00: Saturday 23 August).
  • Use of Cambridge Structural Database (Morning: Sunday: 24 August).
  • Matrix Algebra (Afternoon: Sunday 24 August):

Introduction for BloemCrystSchool2 which starts 25 August and highly recommended for all attending BCS2) 

Website for Pre-Workshop (23-24 Aug 2014): http://conferences.ufs.ac.za/content.aspx?id=306

Location Bloemfontein
South Africa
Contact Andreas Roodt
URL http://www.crystallography.fr/mathcryst/SouthAfrica2014.php

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