Event Name

Canadian Synchrotron Summer School (CS³)

Start Date 20th Jul 2015
End Date 25th Jul 2015

Application of synchrotron tools

Plant & Agricultural Science

Researchers of plants and agricultural science who are interested in studying the structure and molecular composition of plants and plant related products are the target audience for this theme. The school will prepare participants for basic application of synchrotron techniques and provide practical experiences. The school will include exercises in proposal writing, sample preparation, data collection, interpretation and visualization. Participants will also get hands-on training using their own samples with different experimental stations at the Canadian Light Source (infrared, soft X-ray, and hard X-rays beamlines).

Art, Art History & Cultural Heritage

Scientists will have the opportunity to learn capabilities of synchrotron technology and how they can further research in the fields of archaeology, art culture anthropology, and paleontology. Participants will be introduced to synchrotron radiation, applicable techniques and examples of research already being done in Canada and around the world. Participants will get hands-on experience at two experimental stations. Participants are encouraged to bring their own sample to use in practical exercises. Faculty at Canadian institutions of higher learning in relevant fields of study as well as staff at Canadian museums are encouraged to apply.  
Location Saskatoon, SK
URL http://www.lightsource.ca/events/summerschool/

Category Schools
Topics Art and history | Biological macromolecules | General | Synchrotron radiation