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CINEMAX: Methods in Imaging of Material Microstructure. 1st International PhD Summer School

Start Date 24th Aug 2015
End Date 28th Aug 2015
Description CINEMAX is a summer school where you for the first time get the chance to get teaching and hands on experience with the complete workflow of high-resolution tomography analysis.

Over 5 days, you will get introduced to data acquisition, 3D reconstruction, segmentation and meshing and finally, 3D modelling of data to extract physical parameters describing flow or mechanical properties. Teaching and exercises will take place in close interaction with top experts in the field.


  • Experimental methods and applications
  • Volumetric reconstruction
  • Segmentation techniques
  • Flow simulation
  • Mechanical modelling

Deadline for registration for the summer school is June 30th, 2015

Location Hven in Oresund
Contact Jens Wenzel Andreasen
URL http://www.conferencemanager.dk/CINEMAX

Category Schools
Topics Data analysis | General | Materials | Surface studies | X-ray optics and imaging