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Crystal Shape Engineering - Summer School

Start Date 6th Jul 2015
End Date 10th Jul 2015

Modeling, measuring and controlling crystal shape

The course will be divided into five different topics, held by experts in the field:

Molecular Modeling 
Prof. Michele Parrinello and Dr. Matteo Salvalaglio 
Università della Svizzera Italiana / ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Mechanistic Growth Models
Prof. Michael F. Doherty 
University of California Santa Barbara, USA

Population Balance Modeling  
Prof. Marco Mazzotti 
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Monitoring Particle Size and Shape  
Dr. Thomas Vetter 
University of Manchester, UK

Optimization and Control of Crystallization Processes  
Prof. Zoltan K. Nagy 
Purdue University / University of Loughborough, USA / UK

Location Zurich
Contact Prof. Dr. Marco Mazzotti
URL http://www.spl.ethz.ch/summerschool.html

Category Schools
Topics Crystal engineering | Crystal growth | General