Event Name

ECS2. Second European Crystallography School

Start Date 31st Aug 2015
End Date 5th Sep 2015

Crystallography: Fundamentals, Online Tools and Applications

The European Crystallographic Association (ECA) and the University of Oviedo invite the world-wide crystallographic community (and all scientists and students working in any related field) to an intensive session of working together and learning crystallography from each other.

With help from our sponsors, we have achieved a registration cost of 570 euros (young academic, including accommodation and meals). We expect to have student bursaries available to reduce the cost further for a limited number of attendees. The number of attendees is limited to 90 students.

The application deadline is March 31st, 2015.


The programme schedule aims to answer the new and challenging requirements of the crystallography education and training during the 2nd century of modern crystallography. It is divided into four different modules:

Programme Scheme

Pre-school basic tools:
  • Matrix calculus in crystallography
  • Symmetry elements and symmetry operations
  • Basic group theory
  • Introduction to Reciprocal Space
Fundamental Crystallography:
  • Symmetry groups and types of symmetry in direct space
  • Space groups and their description in International Tables for Crystallography, Vol. A
  • Group-subgroup relations – On line tools.
  • Crystal-structure descriptions – On line tools.
  • Crystal-structure relations – On line tools.
  • Diffraction and Phasing.
  • Diffraction Methods for Metal-Organic and Inorganic crystals.
  • Diffraction Methods for biological crystals.
  • Diffraction Methods for Nanomaterials – Electron diffraction.
  • Diffraction Metodos for Magnetic Materials.
  • Practical sessions on Online Tools – Tutorials : Sir/Expo-Jana–Topos–Fullprof
 Specific Subjects:
  • Biological Crystallography
  • Materials Crystallography
  • On line tools – Tutorials: CCP4, SHELX, SIR
Hot topic Subjects:
  • Time resolved Crystallography
  • XFEL Crystallography
  • Electron Crystallography
  • Crystallography in the Space
Location Mieres (Asturias)
URL http://ecs2.ecanews.org/

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | Schools
Topics Biological macromolecules | Computing | Electron crystallography | Free-electron laser | General | Materials | Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography