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Hydrogen School 2016

Start Date 22nd Aug 2016
End Date 31st Aug 2016

Neutron scattering applications to hydrogen storage materials

Energy research is an important scientific area today and hydrogen is one of the most promising sources of energy due to its highest energy density by weight. The efficient hydrogen storage depends on development of the new materials. Neutron scattering and -diffraction are powerful, non-destructive tool for the analysis of structure and dynamics in matter in a broad space and time domain.

High sensitivity to hydrogen makes neutron scattering techniques ideally suitable to study the process in hydrogen storage systems. The goal of this school is to introduce participants to basics of neutron scattering techniques and show how these techniques can be applied for exploration of hydrogen storage materials.The lectures and practical exercises will give basics to:   

  • Hydrogen economy and hydrogen storage technologies   
  • Fundamentals of the gas storage  
  • Basics of neutron scattering and in particular in situ neutron diffraction   
  • Characterizing sorption behavior of porous materials by ab initio and crystal structure refinements
Location Berlin
Contact Margarita Russina
URL http://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/events/hydrogen-2016/index_de.html

Category Schools
Topics Materials | Neutron scattering