Event Name

International Rietveld School Sofia 2015

Start Date 28th Sep 2015
End Date 3rd Oct 2015

Introduction to the theoretical background of the Rietveld method and principles of crystal structure refinement from powder diffraction data.

This six day long school aims to introduce participants to the way the information about crystal structure and sample microstructure is contained in X-ray powder diffraction patterns and how to get use of it.

The school provides a set of lectures, devoted to the main aspects of crystal structure description and fundamentals of powder diffraction. Main concepts, that Rietveld structure refinement is based on, will be covered as well.

Practical sessions are designed to initiate and promote basic skills for working with powder diffraction data and respective data treatment software. Tutors will be on disposal to help participants in the course of training.

Location Sofia
Contact Peter Tzvetkov
URL http://www.bgcryst.com/RS2015/

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | Schools
Topics Data analysis | Powder diffraction