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International School of Crystallography 50th Course: Integrative Structural Biology

Start Date 2nd Jun 2017
End Date 11th Jun 2017


Over the last 50 years, crystallography has developed from a method capable of determining the structures of isolated, soluble proteins to one able to provide detailed information on mechanisms of action of integral membrane proteins, whole viruses and the complex nano-machines that are central to cellular function. To discover how biology works researchers are now combining the power of crystallography with multiple other methods, spanning from the atomic to cellular scale, and including revolutionary developments in electron cryo-microscopy and tomography. This Course will celebrate its milestone as the 50th in the crystallography series started by Dorothy Hodgkin by focusing on integration:

  1. of different techniques,
  2. of molecular and cellular approaches and
  3. of the crystallographic community, including diversity.
The aim is to provide young researchers with a review of the fundamental approaches and latest developments in the application of crystallography and hybrid methods to the structure and function of biological macromolecules and complexes. Lectures will exemplify use of integrated approaches to analyse molecular mechanism in human and pathogen biology. There will be hands-on workshops to provide practical experience and in-depth

discussion of topics ranging from sample preparation to data analysis software. To commemorate the achievements of the Erice crystallography school over the past 50 years, the course will feature several sessions that reflect on the past and look to the future to highlight the factors that create an inclusive discipline.


Interested candidates should register by 30th November 2016 using the form available in the school website (crystalerice.org).
Applicants may be able to apply for partial financial support. Please visit cristalerice to view the full eligibility criteria.


  • Nenad Ban (ETH Zurich):  Protein synthesis by large cellular assemblies
  • David  Barford (LMB Cambridge):  The anaphase-promoting complex
  • Pamela Bjorkman (Caltec):   Immune recognition of viral pathogens
  • Tom Blundell (Cambridge University):   TBD and "Celebrating the 50th International School of Crystallography"
  • Bridget Carragher (NYSBC):  Intro to Cryo-EM
  • Wah Chiu (Baylor College of Medicine):  Electron cryo-microscopy of biological nanomachines
  • Elena Conti (MPI for Biochemistry):  RNA metabolism
  • Piet Gros  (Utrecht University): The complement system
  • Sun Hur (Harvard University):  Signal transduction by immune receptors
  • Yvonne Jones (University of Oxford):  Cell surface signaling assemblies
  • Werner K├╝hlbrandt (MPI for Biophysics):  Membrane proteins: Structure and mechanisms
  • John Kuriyan, (UC Berkeley):  Cellular signal transduction
  • Debora Marks(Harvard University):  TBD
  • Jenny Martin (Griffith University):  Antimicrobial drug design
  • Naoko Mizuno (MPI for Biochemistry):  TBD
  • Poul Nissen (Aarhus University):  Membrane transporters in the brain
  • Lori Passmore (LMB Cambridge):  TBD
  • Michael Rossmann (Purdue University):  The structure of the Zika virus
  • Michael Rout (The Rockefeller University:  The nuclear pore complex
  • Giovanna Scapin (Merck & Co):   Structural Biology in Drug Discovery
  • Irmi Sinning (Heidelberg University):  Protein targeting and membrane protein biogenesis
  • Titia Sixma (NKI Amsterdam):  Molecular mechanisms in carcinogenesis
  • David Stuart (University of Oxford):  Virus structure and vaccine design
  • Sriram Subramaniam (NCI Bethesda):    High resolution electron microscopy
  • Alessandro Vannini (ICR London):   TBD
  • Antoine van Oijnen (University of Wollongong):  Single molecule biophysics
  • Wei Yang (NIDDK Bethesda):     DNA repair, replication and recombination
  • Xiaodong Zhang (Imperial College London):    DNA processing and damage response


  • Riccardo Pellarin (Pasteur Institute): Integrative Modeling Platform
  • Cornelius Gati (MRC): RELION
  • Randy Read (MRC): Validation/errors
  • Paul Emsley (MRC) :COOT
  • Debbie Marks & Chris Sanders (Harvard): EV fold
  • Airlie McCoy (MRC): Solution and refinement of large complexes/low resolution systems
  • Ardan Patwardhan (EBI/PDBe): EMDB/EMPIAR:  linking structural information from molecules to cells

Location Erice (Sicily)
Contact Giovanna Scapin

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | Schools
Topics Biological macromolecules | Cryo electron microscopy