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International Workshop on Nanomaterials 2014

Start Date 8th Sep 2014
End Date 11th Sep 2014

Nanomaterials 2014 is divided into two chapters : the scientific school MSnows 2014 and the industrial day Trans Nano Forum (10th September).

MSnows 2014

Because the size of magnetic object could be shrink down to typical magnetic characteristic length like (domain size, domain wall thickness, exchange length ..) or typical electrical transport length like (electron mean free path, spin diffusion length ..) new spintronic properties were recently  discovered. Consequently a lots of effort is focussing on the study of a single nano-object and their applications. The aim of this workshop is to gather different scientific community on this particular topic of the manipulation of spin and Magnetisation at the nanometer scale.


This international event aims at:

  • Informing industrial companies about issues and opportunities of nanomaterials revolution,
  • Promoting a responsible approach of their development,
  • Providing networking and partnering opportunities between European companies and research stakeholders.

The full day conference includes plenary session, workshops, flash presentations, and a BtoB matchmaking session organized by Enterprise Europe Network, with a special focus on 3 main industrial sectors: Energy, Transport & Packaging. Societal issues will also be emphasized.

Location Nancy
Contact Bertrand SIMON
URL http://nanomaterials2014.event.univ-lorraine.fr/

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Topics General | Materials