Event Name

NOXSS. 68th Course: The Free Electron Laser for Ultrafast Imaging at the Nanoscale.

Start Date 5th Jun 2016
End Date 10th Jun 2016


  • Overall perspectives of research with the FEL and X-FEL facilities
  • Design of experiments with FEL sources
  • Imaging by coherent diffraction in Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Phasing and information retrieval in CDI
  • Single-shot imaging of nano-objects with X-FEL
  • Molecular Movies in biology using an X-FEL
  • X-ray interaction with matter at the nanoscale
  • The strong excitation density regime in time-dependent density-functional theory
  • Modelling extreme spectroscopy and scattering
  • Sample strategies for single particles (clusters, viruses) and for solids
  • Acceleration technologies that work – towards CW-FEL
  • Seeding and seeding-like properties of X-ray FELs / Quantum FEL
  • Challenges in detection
  • Key parameters of sources, detectors, and data handling in present and future FEL experiments
Location Erice, Sicily
Contact Giorgio Rossi
URL http://noxss.fisica.unimi.it/

Category Schools
Topics Electron crystallography | Free-electron laser | Solid-state physics