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OpenLab and crystallographic training in X-ray Powder Diffraction

Start Date 9th Jun 2014
End Date 12th Jun 2014


OpenLab and crystallographic training in X-ray Powder Diffraction

Partners of IUCr and UNESCO for OpenLab Ghana: PANalytical BV


Venue: Department of Physics, University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana

Important dates
Application deadline (with financial support request): 5 May 2014

Participation in this OpenLab is limited to 30 students (a minimum of 10 is required to confirm the OpenLab).

A UNESCO/International Union of Crystallography initiative in collaboration with PANalytical BV, F. Malawi Engineering Co. Ltd., and the Department of Physics at the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana.

We invite you to register for training scheduled for 09 – 12 June 2014 at the “Centre for African Wetlands”, Ebenezer Laing Road, on the campus of the University of Ghana in Accra. Diffraction equipment is housed in the Department of Physics on campus.


  • Prof Gilberto Artioli (Università di Padova), co-author of the volume “Fundamentals of Crystallography”, C. Giacovazzo ed., IUCr-Oxford University Press, and author of “Scientific Methods and Cultural Heritage”, Oxford University Press.
  • Dr. Nicholas Norberg (PANalytical)

TOPIC I: X-ray Physics

• The nature of X-rays
• Interaction of X-rays with crystalline matter
• Crystal and symmetry
• X-ray diffraction: theory

TOPIC II: Data collection and treatment

• Sample preparation
• Experimental configurations and X-ray optics
• Practical aspects of data collection
• Practical aspects of data processing
• Indexing
• Phase identification and quantification
• Information about structure solution and the Rietveld method
• Random and systematic errors
• Crystallographic databases

TOPIC III: Application

• Hands on – bring your own material for analysis
• Crystallography and its application in mining
• Some advanced applications
• Careers in crystallography
• Commonly used software and interpretation of program output

Read more and register here:

Closing date for participation is 5 May 2014


Location Accra
Contact Gwilherm Nénert
URL http://www.panalytical.com/Event/OpenLab-Ghana.htm

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | Schools
Topics General | Powder diffraction