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Physical and Chemical Characterization of Surfaces at Different Scales: From Theory to Applications. International School.

Start Date 17th Nov 2014
End Date 21st Nov 2014

School aims and scope

The international school aims at providing a thorough background in physical and chemical surface characterization, based on methods and instruments, to interested PhD students, post-docs and scientists working at European and non-European universities and laboratories. The school will cover the different aspects of surface analysis and appropriate analytical techniques in detail, from the most conventional (Raman spectroscopy, AFM/STM, IBA) to the most innovative requiring Synchrotron X-ray (X-ray spectroscopy, X-ray microscopy, X-ray diffraction/scattering). The complementarity between laboratory and X-ray based techniques will be presented.

Plenary lectures and tutorials are given by specialists of materials science, solid state-physics, physico-chemical interface from CEA, Synchrotron SOLEIL and Paris Sud University. A substantial part of the programme is devoted to practical sessions carried out on cutting edge instruments, at the facilities of partner institutes and laboratories. In addition, a practical exercise on how to prepare a successful beam time proposal is given, as well as a poster session and a tour of SOLEIL. Examples presented during the lectures cover the variety of existing applications to physics and chemistry of condensed matter.

The attendees will be able to discuss their own projects with the speakers and other participants.

Location Saclay (at SOLEIL)
Contact Nadia Nowacki, INSTN, CEA Saclay
URL http://www-instn.cea.fr/-International-school-Physical-chemical-characterization-of-surfaces-at,445-.html

Category Schools
Topics Microscopy | Solid-state chemistry | Solid-state physics | Surface studies | Synchrotron radiation | X-ray spectroscopy