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PULSE summer school

Start Date 14th Sep 2015
End Date 18th Sep 2015

Epitaxy and Promises


Epitaxy allows nowadays the usual growth of nanostructures with unique properties. The control of their growth at the finest level is a challenge in achieving new systems. It involves both the understanding of the growth mechanisms together with the knowledge of the properties of materials at the nanoscale. It is a domain where both fundamental research and industrial issues are closely entangled.

This summer school is aimed at giving to Ph-D students, young but also senior scientists, an up-to-date overview on the epitaxy of semi-conductors. The basic growth mechanisms will be presented with an emphasis on the new developments in this understanding. The control of the growth using patterns, selective growth or new geometries such as nanomembranes, nanowires or sheets, will be reviewed. The properties of the epitaxial systems, already explored or expected, will be given both theoretically and experimentally with a description of the characterization techniques. The school will give the opportunity to review the most important achievements in practical applications of epitaxial nanostructures. A particular attention will be given to new trends and pioneering directions, as well as to new materials and devices.

The topics include growth, nanostructures, characterization, physical properties and devices.

Crystal Growth

equilibrium properties, kinetics and nucleation, self-organization, step growth droplet epitaxy.

Semiconductors epitaxy

elastic relaxation, quantum dots, 2D/3D transition and ATG instability, strain/composition coupling, pattern, selective growth, nanomembranes and nanowires, graphene

Properties and characterization

optical and electronic properties, structural and chemical characterization, magnetic properties, single object diffraction, tomography

Integration and applications

heterogeneous integration and optical applications, heterogeneous integration and electronic applications, use of epitaxial systems in fundamental systems, industrial issues, promises and limitations.

This summer school is dedicated to PhD students and young scientists. It will provide both a reminder of the basic understanding of epitaxy together with a description of its modern applications. It will explore the latest developments of the crystal growth at the finest levels, its potential together with its challenges. The opto-electronic and magnetic properties of nanostructures made by epitaxy will be described together with their characterization. Finally, the use of epitaxy both in new fundamental objects and in industrial applications will be explored.

Location Porquerolles
URL http://pulse-school.sciencesconf.org

Category Schools
Topics Characterisation of materials | Crystal growth | General | Magnetism | Materials