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SCAMEC2017. International Summer School on Crystal Growth and Advanced Materials for Energy

Start Date 10th Jul 2017
End Date 15th Jul 2017


  • Koichi Kakimoto: Methods of Crystal Growth in bulk and thin layers
  • Antony Dabkowski: Crystal Growth from High Temperature Liquids
  • Daniel Vizman: Magnetic fields in crystal growth of silicon crystals
  • Elias Vlieg: Predicting the growth morphology of crystals
  • Peter Vekilov: Classical and non-classical mechanisms of nucleation of crystals in solution 
  • Thomas Kuech: Epitaxial growth, fundamentals and applications  
  • Joseph Greene: Nucleation and Growth of Self-assembled and Self-organized Nanostructures (the materials science of small things)
  • Chennupati Jagadish: Growth and Characterization of Semiconductor Nanostructure for Energy Application
  • Stefan Antohe: Fundamental of organic semiconductor in photovoltaic
  • Andreas Schoenhals: Broadband dielectric spectroscopy in comparison to other spectroscopic methods applied to functional materials like liquid crystals
  • Manuel Ricardo Ibarra GarcĂ­a: Electrons, spins, magnons and surfaces
  • Masahiko Tani: Nonlinear optics and materials for generation and detection of THz radiation
  • Dan Brett: Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells and their Materials
  • Philipp Adelhelm: Materials aspects of lithium-ion batteries
  • Robin Jeremy: White Energy and Chemistry in the context of Sustainability
  • Location Bucharest
    URL http://rocam.unibuc.ro/rocam2017/intschool/index.php

    Category Schools
    Topics Crystal growth | Materials