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Scattering Methods Applied to Soft Condensed Matter. 13th European Summer Schoo "Bombannes"

Start Date 20th Jun 2016
End Date 27th Jun 2016

The Bombannes summer school is devoted to the practical  «state-of-art» approach to scattering methods, using neutrons, as well as X-ray and light sources - today’s key techniques to study structure and dynamics in systems containing colloids, polymers, surfactants and biological macromolecules.

Since 1990 the Bombannes school series introduces, on a fundamental level, the current methodology of static and dynamic scattering techniques and their applicaiton to soft matter systems. It provides with a period of 2 years advanced training for young researchers with a working place in European laboratories at post-graduate and post-doctoral level.

Location Carcans-Maubuisson
Contact Peter Lindner
URL https://www.ill.eu/bombannes

Category Schools
Topics Materials