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School for Synchrotron Crystallography: Introduction and Experimental Methods

Start Date 3rd Dec 2014
End Date 6th Dec 2014

Course Description

Aimed at senior undergraduate students, graduate students and post-docs, this workshop will offer a combination of classroom and experimental work to introduce participants to the single crystal structure determination techniques that can be applied to synchrotron-based single crystal X-ray diffraction. The program includes two hands-on activity sessions that will highlight the major techniques and introduce participants to the single crystal diffraction instrumentation at ChemMatCARS, Sector 15 of the Advanced Photon Source. 

The school is limited to 20 participants for hands-on activities. In addition, a limited number of auditors may be accepted at the organizers’ discretion.



  • Charles Campana, Bruker AXS Inc.
  • Josh Chen, Indiana University
  • Yu-Sheng Chen, The University of Chicago
  • Mati Meron, The University of Chicago
  • Maren Pink, Indiana University
  • Amy Sarjeant, Northwestern University
  • Shao-Liang Zheng, Harvard University


Location Argonne, IL
United States
Contact Maryfrances Miley
URL https://chemmatcars.uchicago.edu/page/school-synchrotron-crystallography-introduction-and-experimental-methods

Category Schools
Topics General | Synchrotron radiation