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Second South African School on Fundamental Crystallography

Start Date 25th Aug 2014
End Date 29th Aug 2014

International Union of Crystallography

Commission on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography

Second South African School on Fundamental Crystallography

Satellite meeting of the 21st Meeting of the International Mineralogical Union

Bloemfontein, South Africa, 25-29 August 2014

To celebrate the International Year of Crystallography, the 21st Meeting of the International Mineralogical Union (IMA-2014) will put special emphasis and on the crystallographic sessions. To facilitate the participation to these sessions the Second South-African School of Fundamental Crystallography will be run as a Satellite meeting of IMA-2104.


The participants are expected to know basic matrix algebra (how to multiply matrices and vectors, how calculate determinant and trace of a matrix), fundamental electromagnetism (waves, diffraction) and basic chemistry.


  • Introduction to group theory
  • Crystallographic point groups
  • Stereographic projection and the morphology of crystals
  • Space groups
  • Exercises on the space group diagrams from Volume A of the International Tables
  • Fourier transforms and convolutions
  • Scattering from an electron, an atom, a unit cell, a crystal
  • Diffraction symmetry: Laue classes, Friedel's law, resonant scattering
  • General, zonal and serial reflection conditions and their use to determine the space-group type
  • Group-subgroup relations and their application to phase transitions
  • Twins and modular structures
  • Use of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server in the study of the structure and properties of crystals


The official language of the Schools is English. No simultaneous interpretation has been provided.


The School will be held at Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences of the University of the Free State.
Location Bloemfontein
South Africa
URL http://www.crystallography.fr/mathcryst/SouthAfrica2014.php

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