Event Name

Synchrotron Charge Density School

Start Date 9th Mar 2013
End Date 15th Mar 2013

Synchrotron Charge Density School at ChemMatCARS

The aim of the school is to provide young researchers with a hands-on experience enabling them to utilize new crystallographic instruments and techniques, especially the combination of X-ray and neutron diffraction, to investigate the structure of matter at the atomic level. The school will provide an opportunity to integrate the relationship between experiment and theory when addressing real world problems of chemical, biological and technical importance. The end result will be to ensure the next generation of researchers develop an awareness of dynamic, cutting edge experimental techniques.

Participants are invited to submit a beam time proposal and four proposals will be selected to carry out hands-on data collection and analysis during the workshop. Both new and experienced users of the APS are invited to attend.
  • Beamtime begins at 8:00 am on Saturday March 9, 2013 (by proposal application).
  • Formal program held March 11-15, 2013.
  • Class size limited to 40.
  • Meals, onsite lodging, and partial travel support provided (more info ยป).
  • Registration fee $75 for students and postdocs, $300 for senior scientists and faculty, due upon acceptance to the workshop.
  • Application deadline is December 31, 2012.
Location Chicago, IL
United States
URL http://cars.uchicago.edu/chemmat/CDschool2013/

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | Schools
Topics Charge, spin and momentum densities