Event Name

The Seventh Brazil School for Single Particle Cryo-EM

Start Date 11th Aug 2016
End Date 23rd Aug 2016
Description This single-particle school is a unique intensive 12-day hands-on
course/workshop, in which theory and practice are tightly intertwined.
The understanding of the principles of cryo-EM data processing stands
central in this event and a few pioneers will explain the approaches to
the participants to the level where they can apply it themselves. The
spectrum of topics covered suits attendees who are new to the field as
well as those for whom the cryo-EM technique is of growing importance
and who wish to acquire an in-depth understanding of its fundamental

The final days of the meeting will be devoted to advanced topics such as
high-resolution refinements and the processing of heterogeneous data
sets ("4D cryo?EM?). Advanced topics will include:

  • Optimizing data collection with direct electrons detectors and exploiting movies.
  • Full data set automatic CTF correction.
  • Correction of anisotropic magnification.
  • Reaching atomic resolution without reference bias: alignment-by-classification (ABC) refinement procedures.
  • Unbiased "Random Startup" of 3D and 4D reconstructions.
  • 4D refinement procedures for high resolution results using IMAGIC-4D and/or Frealign.
  • Fitting and refining atomic coordinates in high-resolution cryo-EM maps (~4? or better) using programs like REFMAC and Coot.
  • Validation of the final results.
Location Sao Paulo
URL www.single-particles.org/school

Category Schools | Workshops
Topics Computing | Cryo electron microscopy | Data analysis | General