Event Name

Third School of the Argentinian Crystallography Association

Start Date 7th Nov 2011
End Date 18th Nov 2011
Description A satellite event to the Seventh Meeting of the Argentinian Crystallography Association (AACr), the 3rd School of Crystallography, focused on X-ray and neutron diffraction in polycrystalline materials, held November 7-18, was partially supported by the IUCr. It was attended by 41 students from Argentinia, Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia. This School was divided into two modules. The first module, led by Juan Rodríguez-Carvajal and Gabriel Cuello, consisted of a compact version of the well-established 'FULLPROF School' held annually at the Inst. Laue Langevin in Grenoble. The second module, led by Raúl Bolmaro, Javier Santisteban, Miguel Vicente-Álvarez, Aldo Craievich and Eduardo Granado, focused on scientific and technological applications in polycrystals, such as internal stresses and strains, texture and size effects, and synchrotron radiation techniques. The afternoons were dedicated to demonstrations and practical sessions.
Location Bariloche

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | National crystallographic association meetings | Schools
Topics Materials | Neutron scattering | Synchrotron radiation