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A Century of Powder Diffraction Mini-symposium

Start Date 11th Nov 2016
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Powder diffraction was developed independently in 1916 by Peter Debye and Paul Scherrer in Germany and Albert Hull in the U.S. To commemorate this 100th anniversary, a half-day symposium on historical developments in powder diffraction as well as contemporary APS work was held on November 11, 2016.

Where the speakers have agreed, recordings of the talks and slides have been placed in youtube.

David Cox, Brookhaven National Laboratory (Retired) 

“Some Recollections from the Early Days of Neutron and Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction”

Tim Fawcett, International Centre for Diffraction Data

“100 Years of Powder Diffraction”

Pete Chupas, Advanced Photon Source

“80+ Years of Pair Distribution Function Measurements”

Andrey Yakovenko, Advanced Photon Source

"New In-Situ Capabilities at 17-BM Rapid Acquisition Powder Diffraction Line"

Saul Lapidus, Advanced Photon Source

“Improving On Great:  The High-Resolution Powder Diffractometer, 11-BM”

Olaf J. Borkiewicz, Advanced Photon Source

“What’s New in High Energy Powder Diffraction at 11-ID”

Robert B. Von Dreele, Advanced Photon Source

“Before GSAS to GSAS-II”

Location Argonne National Laboratory
United States
Contact Brian Toby
URL https://www1.aps.anl.gov/Education/Powder-Diffraction-Century-Symposium

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Topics Powder diffraction