Event Name

1st CSSB International Symposium "Systems in Infection Biology - From Molecules to Organisms

Start Date 9th Apr 2015
End Date 11th Apr 2015

The research focus of the 1st CSSB International Symposium will be on state-of-the-art systems biology approaches, embedded into complementary research directions such as structural biology and infection biology. It will feature top-class international research talks in five related scientific sessions and will end with a concluding session on future perspectives of the field. The symposium will be supported by the Joachim Herz Foundation.

Preliminary Programme

  • Session 1: Areas in infection biology requiring system biology approaches
  • Session 2: “Omics” in infection biology
  • Session 3: Protein-Ligand interactions “at all levels”
  • Session 4: Structural biology as a “high end” method in systems biology
  • Session 5a: Modeling of experimental Omics data
  • Session 5b: Biotechnical Applications of Systems Biology
  • Session 6: Panel Discussion: What's next? Functional follow-up questions
Location Hamburg
Contact Michaela Clayton
URL http://www.cssb-symposium2015.de/

Category Symposia
Topics Biological macromolecules | Crystal engineering | General