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2nd International Conference on Image Analysis in Three-dimensional Cryo-EM

Start Date 30th Mar 2016
End Date 2nd Apr 2016

The 2016 Symposium builds on our very successful previous meeting on the same theme in 2014.
The goal of the Symposium is to discuss state of the art image analysis approaches to tackle challenging biological problems and to identify current limitations and remaining problems in the field as currently practiced. The goal will be for developers in this area, both established as well as students/postdocs to discuss the detailed algorithms and methodologies in this field in greater technical detail than is possible at more general meetings like the GRC. The central premise is that gaining a comprehensive and quantitative understanding of highly sophisticated machines, complexes, and organelles of the cell requires the active, timely and coordinated development of complementary image analysis and data mining algorithm and approaches. We have recruited an outstanding panel of speakers (current agenda provided in the web site).


  • Handling Compositional and Conformational Variability
  • High Resolution Subtomogram Averaging and Related Techniques
  • High Resolution Single Particle Analysis
  • Resolution Assessment, Model and Map Validation
  • Data Storage Roundtable
  • Poster Talks
Location Lake Tahoe, California
Contact Dorit Hanein
URL http://ncmi.bcm.edu/cryoemsoftware-2016

Category Conferences | Symposia
Topics Data analysis | General | Microscopy