Event Name

35th Symposium on Dynamical Properties of Solids

Start Date 13th Sep 2015
End Date 17th Sep 2015

DyProSo is a 4-day research meeting aiming at the promotion of new ideas and concepts concerning functional properties of condensed matter by stimulating scientific discussions between young and experienced scientists actively working on dynamic properties of materials. The programme will cover current and upcoming topics from theory (ab initio calculations, Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations, new formulations and phenomenological models, etc.) to experiment (optical spectroscopies, inelastic neutron and X-ray scattering, novel techniques, etc.) with a focus on functional materials.

Scientific programme focus of DyProSoXXXV:

  • Phonons, magnons and electromagnons
  • Diffusive dynamics
  • Multiferroics, relaxors, thermoelectrica, shape memory alloys
  • Domains and domain wall properties
  • Excitations in superconductors
  • Carbon-based materials
  • Amorphous, liquid and soft matter
  • Advances in experimental techniques and theory
  • Dynamics at extreme conditions (pressure, temperature, magnetic field)
Location Munich
Contact Winfried Petry
URL https://webapps.frm2.tum.de/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=18

Category Symposia
Topics Materials