Event Name

Colloquium: 50 years crystallography in Freiburg, Germany

Start Date 31st Oct 2014
End Date 1st Nov 2014
Description We celebrate 50 years of
- growth and characterization of single crystal semiconductor materials under terrestrial and space conditions
- simulation of material and heat transport in metal and semiconductor melts
- synthesis, structure analysis and crystal chemistry of new ternary and multinary compounds
- defect characterisation and detector development at synchrotron light sources
- teaching of crystallography and materials sciences

Invited speakers

K. W. Benz (Freiburg), G. Bischopink (Bosch GmbH, Reutlingen), J. J. Derby (CEMS University of Minnesota, USA), P. Dold (Fraunhofer CPS, Halle), H. Hillebrecht (University Freiburg), J. Friedrich (DGKK, Fraunhofer IISB), W. Schmahl, DGK, LMU M√ľnchen), S. Schorr (FU Berlin), P. Rudolph (CTC Berlin)
Location Haus zur Lieben Hand, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität
Contact Andreas Danilewsky
URL http://www.krist.uni-freiburg.de/ki/Aktuell/50%20Jahre/50%20Jahre.php

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Topics General