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Crystallography in Material Science: Novel Methods for Novel Materials (EMRS Symposium N)

Start Date 15th Sep 2014
End Date 19th Sep 2014

FALL 14 N: Crystallography in materials science: Novel methods for novel materials

Crystal structure is one of principal factors determining the material properties. X-ray, neutron and electron diffraction methods of crystal and defect structure investigation are continuously developing, leading to new opportunities in materials investigation. The symposium will be a forum of presentation of such methods and their applications.

Crystallography provides multiple tools for solving scientific and technological problems in materials science. X-ray, neutron and electron diffraction methods of crystal and defect structure investigation are helpful in design and understanding of physical properties and chemistry of advanced materials, at each stage of the work on materials properties, design, manufacturing and applications. Such sophisticated tools, both experimental and theoretical ones, serve for studies of crystal structure and the defect structure of modern materials. The progress is observed in:
  • in instrumentation
  • availability of improved X-ray beams (high intensity, collimation down to tens of nanometers)
  • elaboration of new software and databases for structure analysis).
Diffraction methods have been developing rapidly during last decades. They can be used for solving a variety of problems including crystal structure solution, defect structure determination, understanding of thin film structure and quality. structure variation mapping, structure dynamic changes, chemical reactions. Generally, the knowledge of structure may serve for:
  • construction of phase diagrams
  • explanation of physicochemical properties of materials
  • materials design
  • materials applications at specific conditions
  • structure property relationship in specific materials
  • dynamic changes (chemical reactions), even those occuring at the femtosecond scale,
  • solving energy related problems,
  • biological applications,
  • solving geophysical problems
The studies involve the design of the material elaboration, its physicochemical properties, and its manufacturing, etc. All they help in analysis and understanding of the material and consequently to improve the existing materials or to design of new materials.
Location Warsaw
URL http://www.emrs-strasbourg.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&Itemid=137&id=765&PHPSESSID=913233e9d30e2de7896be78fdca8cf99

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