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Crystallography Symposium

Start Date 17th Jul 2015
End Date 17th Jul 2015

Barkla X-ray laboratory of Biophysics was opened on 21st July 2011 by Sir Tom Blundell and Late Dame Louise Johnson. Charles Glover Barkla was a graduate and then a lecturer at the University. He made key contributions to the birth of X-ray physics and crystallography (http://www.biophysics.liv.ac.uk/X-rays_Liverpool.html), for which he received the 1917 Nobel Prize in physics. Arnold Beevers and Henry Lipson, who were also student and staff at Liverpool in the 1930’s invented the Beevers-Lipson strips which became the workhorse of crystallographic calculations (Fourier synthesis) prior to the emergence of calculating machines and computers in the 1960’s. A symposium is organized to celebrate the achievements of Lipson & Beevers in the presence of a number of family members of Henry Lipson. An X-ray exhibition will be opened at the end of the symposium celebrating the achievements of Sir Oliver Lodge (the first Physics Professor of the University, 1881), Barkla, Beevers & Lipson.


Session One 

Chair: Professor Anthony Hollander, Director IIB

10:30 - 10:40

Welcome: Professor Samar Hasnain, Max Perutz Professor of Molecular Biophysics  

10:40 – 11:10

Eleanor Dodson, FRS (University of York)  

Fourier Maps I have known; from Beevers-Lipson strips to Winograd Fast Fourier Transforms

11:10 – 11.20

Peter Strickland (IUCr’s Executive Managing Editor)

Lipson & IUCr

11:20 – 12:30

Session Two          

Chair: Prof Stephen Holloway, Pro-Vice Chancellor 

11:20 – 11:45

Mike Glazer, Vice President of IUCr (Oxford University)

Role of Lipson in Crystallography

11:45 – 12:10

Stephen Lipson (Technion, Israel)

My youth with Fourier Strips

12:10 – 12:30

Hod Lipson (Cornell/Columbia)

Fourier Strips: The dawn of bioinformatics



Professor Janet Beer, Vice Chancellor will open the X-ray exhibition celebrating the achievements of Barkla, Beevers, Lipson and Lodge at Liverpool

12:40 - 14:00


Location Liverpool University
United Kingdom
Contact Dr Svetlana Antonyuk or Prof Samar Hasnain
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