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Eurosuperalloys 2014. 2nd European Symposium on Superalloys and their Applications

Start Date 10th May 2014
End Date 16th May 2014
After the first European Symposium which took place in Germany in 2010, the second European Symposium will be organized in France, on the French Riviera, in Giens on May 12-16, 2014.
The main aim is to highlight new initiatives and future growth opportunities for Ni and Co base superalloys. Specifically, recent advances in the understanding of their performance behaviour and processing which justify their economic integration into an increasing number of industrial systems.

In addition to the usual topics (e.g. mechanical properties, alloy development, in-service degradation…), special attention will be paid to modelling tools which enable the prediction of mechanical behaviour as a function of the processing parameters and the implementation of microstructure-sensitive models to develop higher performing materials through improved engineering processing.
Location Giens
URL http://sf2m.asso.fr/eurosuperalloys/Eurosuperalloys.htm

Category Symposia
Topics Characterisation of materials | Materials