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Hidden Orders in a Complex World: Past Present and Future 2015

Start Date 1st Oct 2015
End Date 3rd Oct 2015
Description The work of Dr Takeshi Egami spans across several fields and disciplines, with a multitude of scientific contributions and achievements. To most, he is best known for his pioneering work in applying the well-known real-space analysis for uncovering underlying disorder in materials i.e. the pair density function (PDF) method. He pioneered the application of this technique in crystals, and awarded the Warren award from the American Crystallographic Association in 2003. The award states that “Prof. Egami is cited for his pioneering use of pair distribution functions from diffraction data to study disorder and defects in imperfect crystals leading to new understanding of the physics of complex materials”. Always surrounded by friends, collaborators and students, Takeshi Egami has always been excited about a new discovery or a new result, passing that optimism on with a contagious smile. This gathering is a celebration of his work, but also an opportunity to show the immense progress made in Materials Physics on the nature of Hidden Orders in a Complex World: Past, Present and Future.
Location ORNL Oak Ridge TN
United States
Contact Despina Louca
URL https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/hocw2015/index.shtml

Category Symposia | Workshops
Topics Crystal physics | Materials