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Impact of Crystallography on Modern Science

Start Date 25th Jun 2014
End Date 25th Jun 2014

The Academy of Sciences of Turin is organizing a one-day interdisciplinary conference - celebratory of IYCr2014 - involving speakers operating in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Earth Sciences, as well as more applied areas such as Cultural Heritage and Environment. The CrisDi Interdepartmental Center for Crystallography of the University of Turin sponsors the organization of the conference.


9.30 - Giovanni Ferraris (giovanni.ferraris@unito.it, Emeritus, University of Turin, Academy of Sciences of Turin) - Introduction: Crystallographers at the Accademia delle Scienze di Torino.

10.00 - Robert Huber (huber@biochem.mpg.de, Max Planck - Institut fuer Biochemie Emeritusgruppe Strukturforschung D- 82152 Martinsried - Germany) - Beauty and Fitness for Purpose: the Architecture of the Proteins Building Blocks of Life.

10.45 - Gianfranco Gilardi (gianfranco.gilardi@unito.it, University of Turin, Accademia delle Scienze di Torino) - Structural Basis of Cytochrome P450 Function in Cell Defense and Sexual Development.

11.15 - Interval

11.30 - Piero Ugliengo (piero.ugliengo@unito.it, University of Turin) - Quantum Mechanical Modeling as a Virtual Microscope to Understand Biomaterials.

12.00 - Alessia Bacchi (alessia.bacchi@unipr.it, University of Parma) - Crystallography, Chemistry and Drugs: a New World at the Nanoscale.

12:30 to 14:30 Lunch Break


14.30 - Livio Battezzati (livio.battezzati@unito.it, University of Turin, Accademia delle Scienze di Torino) - Topology and Chemistry in the Frustrated Symmetry of Quasicrystals.

15.00 - Carlo Lamberti (carlo.lamberti@unito.it, University of Turin) - Combining Crystallographic and Spectroscopic Approaches to Understand Complex Materials.

15.30 - Marco Truccato (truccato@to.infn.it, University of Turin) - The Combined Use of X-rays and Electrical Measurements to Explore (and Modify) Superconducting Oxide.

16.00 - Interval

16.15 - Mauro Prencipe (mauro.prencipe@unito.it, University of Turin) - Unraveling the Secrets of the Inner Earth by Means of a Computer: Mechanisms of Compressibility and Thermal Expansion of Crystals from a Theoretical Point of View.

16.45 - Fernando Cámara (fernando.camaraartigas@unito.it, University of Turin) - Probing the Crystal Structure of Minerals far from Room Conditions: the Contribution of X-ray Diffraction in the Lab.

17.15 - Roberta Oberti (oberti@crystal.unipv.it, CNR, Pavia; Accademia delle Scienze di Torino) - Crystallography and Crystal-Chemistry for a Deeper Understanding of Geological Processes.

17:45 - Discussion and conclusions.

Location Turin
Contact Fernando Camara
URL http://www.accademiadellescienze.it/attivita/iniziative-culturali/convegno-cristallografia

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